Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ok, let's try this blog thing!!

Alright, so I'm starting this blog thing and hoping it will take off at some point. Thank you Meg M. for your inspiration to find ONE MORE THING to do online. As if I didn't network enough, now I have a blog! You're pretty slick girlfriend!!

Anywhoo, I will be posting all kinds of stuff on here I'm sure and if not, the blog will be shut down and anyone that DOES follow me will be re-routed to another page; i.e. facebook or myspace. I'm going to give this about 6 months or so and see how it goes.

So to start... I'm going to show you all some new creations. I've been addicted to these leather designs lately; lariats, donut necklaces, and I would like some input on them. I take everything as constructive criticism so be honest. Tell me what you would like in this kind of design.

Also...stick around for my newest creations, half gemstones, half...?????? Stay tuned to find out!!