Saturday, September 1, 2012

Phantom Blog Hop

  So I joined this challenge quite some time ago thinking I'd have plenty of time to put something together. Guess I should have wrote it on the calendar because I had COMPLETELY forgot about it until Pam emailed me a few days back. I didn't exactly have the inspiration in me nor the idea for a piece but I DID however think of an older piece that is ABSOLUTELY fitting in my eyes.

These earrings were originally designed for my mother due to her love of classical times like Henry the 8th, the Tudors and more. However the antiqued and jeweled design of these would be PERFECT in an opera house.

If I had to choose a moment when these would be worn; I would say either in the beginning by Carlotta as she sings "Think of me" In the movie Minnie Driver had QUITE the get up on but I saw no earrings. Due to the amount of jewels on her head and such I think a simple earring like this would do. Or in the end at the final performance, "The Phantom's Opera", Christine could have worn these then as could ANY lady in the house watching the show.

The phantom is TRULY one of my most favorite pieces. I haven't seen much opera in my life but I was raised to the tapes of Micheal Crawford and Sarah Brightman. How amazing it was!! I had a book that showed step by step applications of the mask to Michael Crawford's face. I loved to see up close articles and read about how they designed things. Such a fascinating piece of work The Phantom is!!  At first I didn't care much for the newer movie but the more I watched it the more I loved it. Emmy Rossum who plays Christine can convey SUCH emotion with just the look of her eyes. Gerard Butler having been a law student taking acting jobs to pay bills had big shoes to fill when he stepped into the Phantom role. When I consider that the guy never had an acting class nor singing lessons for that matter, I start to see what an accomplishment he made and give him much credit where credit is due.

I saw the Phantom once as a kid and have been dieing for it to come back around since. I think that if it does. I would probably wear these earrings if not something similar. The black and reds remind me of the Phantom cover with the mask and single red rose. Ugh.... alright, now I have to go put it on and listen to The Music of the Night. :0)

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