Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Setting up Shop

So I've been crazy busy with school but somehow in the midst of studying for nursing I've managed to still design and grow Internet wise so I'm going to share the latest info with you!! Here's a taste of some latest designs:
LinkThis bracelet is made with beautiful antique copper findings, some gorgeously designed Czech glass beads, yummy potato pearls and swarovski crystals. Would be the perfect accent to a khaki suit with a light purple ruffled blouse. Just sayin!! :-)

See more of this bracelet here

Then I found this BEAUTIFUL piece of pyrite in a local shop and went all out into a Metallic Madness Frenzy!!! LOOOVEE IIITTT!!!
You can see more of this piece here

I even found the time to get into some more ethnic pieces like this turquoise necklace that my beautiful niece is now sporting and this pyrite piece with opal jasper that seems almost Egyptian like.

Now, after alllll that, I'm sure there was something ELSE I was supposed to do?!?!? Oh... study, I guess. :-P Don't worry nursing instructors, I got my priorities straight!!! Hahah still have to make time for fun though! Best line from a movie, or at least ONE of the best.."Don't take life to seriously, you'll never get out alive." Those are words to live by!!

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and see whats up for sale in my etsy shopLink