Saturday, November 19, 2011

Macro Challenge

So as I was doing what most Americans do these days (browsing Facebook aimlessly) I came across a post a FB friend had shared about a blogging contest. Now, I KEEP telling myself... BLOG MORE BLOG MORE BLOG MORE, but do I listen? Noh! However, THIS macro challenge has inspired me to share with you one of my FAVORITE macro shots that I would like to enter into the Macro Challenge hosted by:

studio waterstone

Let me tell you the story of my picture:

I came home one day and noticed the rhododendron bush under the living room window was fully in bloom. I took a mental note and continued on. I was super excited to start working on some glass tile pendants; a technique I had recently taught myself. Once my park path pic turned out so well on a tile, I went outside seeking more shots. I found 2. The first was a little SUPER TEENY flower under the big oak tree, the SECOND... the Rhodo bush. How full and brilliant she was. So I snapped away and headed back inside to download crop and print my pics. I also do some Photoshop so I played with the photo effects and created the 1st pic into a water color before printing (which of course came out different than on screen as they all do) and then the 2nd, the Rhodo, I just printed as is. What a gorgeous design. Although in the pic the petals are more of a purple and in the pendant they're pink, I took it for what it was because in the end I had a beautiful picture and a beautiful pendant. And here's my pic:

I hope you all enjoy this shot. I think it's truly remarkable. The, she turned out okay, but the picture.. it's priceless. Can't wait for them to bloom again this year. I want to be sure to get pics of the red one next time!!! :)

Thanks for looking. Make your day a Macro day!! You'll never know what beauty you may find in the smallest and simplest of detail!! :)