Friday, July 15, 2011

Like That? Wear This!

So I make jewelry and when I make a piece I sometimes INSTANTLY envision something to wear with it. That made me think. What if someone REALLY likes a piece but isn't sure what to wear it with?! Well, there's not an APP for that, but I can certainly do my best to help someone out. :-D

I shop around online for outfit ideas then go look for it in a local store. I can't buy online, I'm the kind of girl that needs to try things on. But because of that I knew of a store that has a closet feature where u can piece outfits together. Thank you for helping me figure things out.

So here's some of the latest items I did featured in my last blog, and here are some design ideas of outfits to match. You may even have something similar already in you closet and just need some jewelry. *wink*wink* :-D

Ok so let's say you like this turquoise piece with antiqued brass and pink tourmaline accents but you're not sure what you'd wear it with:
try this
I picked something like this pretty southern-type set. The brown sets off the green and turquoise shades in the drop and on the chain.

Next up, a darling bracelet with some pizazz. Love it? But not sure what you'd wear it for?
try this
A sweet summer set. Soft pinks in nude and rose shades make the colors pop on this piece. And I think the ruffles coincide with the dangles of the bracelet. I'd wear it, and I don't really like pink. :0)

Need a little punk in your life. Like to rock and roll? Then you need a stylish wrap. They're the latest rage.
try this
Put a little spunk in your life. Wear a wrap with a rocking outfit to give the appearance of multiple bracelets.

Want to make a statement but in a subtle way. Then check out this copper flower piece.
try this
A soft subtle outfit but a necklace that makes a statement. Again, the ruffles compliment the dangles. Wear something like this to dress up any casual outfit.

All these outfits and/or similar items were found at They specialize in juniors clothing so the misses and women will have to shop elsewhere. Try or for similar styles.

As for the jewelry you can find that and more at or stop by my shop and see what's currently for sale at

(I encourage other people to look for outfits and find what suits you best. Make a statement. Be an individual. But I DON'T encourage people to rip off this idea. Which is exactly what happened to me. I started an album on facebook to prep for this blog and next thing I know a certain company said "check out my wallpaper" and their blog was all about matching an outfit to a customer's piece. I learned the hard way, don't share your ideas until they're fully ready to be shared. Internet can be a downfall sometimes.)