Saturday, May 10, 2014


aving just started a new job I was so worried that I wouldn't have time or be able to get my pieces made let a lone a blog done. I have no idea how to set it up to automate nor the time to figure it out. Anywhoo... that being said; I made it! Later than I expected but without further adieu I give you; my bead soup pieces and my wonderful bead soup!!!
These were some of the coolest things I have ever worked with and it was sooo not my style. The keyhole focal was beyond awesome. I hung it on the beautiful leather I was given with a few accent jasper beads, which just happened to match PERFECTLY. My goal here was to make the focal the ABSOLUTE focus point. The design of this keyhole was astounding to me. I know this design seems simple but to me, this isn't about showing off MY work, it's about showcasing the work of the focal artist. Sometimes, less is more. And here it is:

Seriously, is that keyhole not to die for??? Ugh, by far one of my favorite soup pieces ever! Which by the way if you haven't seen my pre-post about my partner. Check her out! She uses this type of stuff all the time and is pretty fabulous at it!! See her blog here: she did beyond a beautiful job with the soup I sent her.

For my next piece, I focused on the bead mix she sent me with the most adorable owl bead ever. I absolutely LOVED the antique feel and style of the colors and patterns of the beads. But after making a simple design I felt as though this simply strung well patterned bracelet just wasn't enough...

I absolutely loved this bracelet! I really wanted to keep it for myself!! Anyway, I really didn't want to take this apart. I LOVED the colors, pattern, just everything but I felt it just wasn't creative enough. So I took it apart and did this instead:

I was much happier with this. I got to keep to the pattern for the most part with the beads and some of the awesome chain Kym sent as well as part of the super cool clasp.

I was so in love with this soup I just can't explain it!! I have much of it left over for future inspiration which I could really use. Since the start of the new job it has been months since I've had the joys of picking up my tools and playing in my beads. But the leftover soup sits out where I can see it regularly to keep me inspired.

Here's what I sent Kym. (The photo is hers photography skills. She's even awesome at that too!!) Please visit her blog and see the lovely things she made.