Sunday, February 19, 2012

*~My Inspirations~*

I've been saying for a while now that I was going to do a blog on my biggest inpirations. Well that while has passed and it's time to do what I say. So here they are, in no specific order; my biggest inspirations. Most of whom I can say I'm quite friendly with or have at LEAST had the pleasure of conversing with once or twice. Some I've even been published with. So do me a favor, check them out!!

I'm going to start with Kristy's Kreations. Click on her name to go to her website or click HERE for her BEAUTIFUL blog.
I chose this piece because this how we met. I was a member on I contacted her in regards to a question on this piece and an acquaintanceship grew. Kristy and I have been published in Bead Trends together. (I think on more than one occasion) She and I sometimes talk crafts on Facebook and she is by far my number ONE go to person when I have a crafty question. She's a great spirit and big helper. I couldn't possibly say enough things about her. She is as unique as her jewelry pieces. And what a piece she makes. Oh, and did I mention her husband makes beads?? GREAT BEADS!!! Check them out at Bubby & McGurk These 2 are AWESOME to work with.

Now, I couldn't bring up the Jewelry Network without mentioning Amy Underwood of Sterling Lace Creations. I contacted Amy to see if I could help her with her pictures. Her work was impeccable but the pictures were dark. I wanted to brighten them up to show off her pieces. So I asked if she would mind and we went from there. She has since had her photos professionally taken but I made a wonderful friend in the process. Her chainmaille pieces will BLOW YOU AWAY. True craftsmanship here ladies and gents. Also another wonderful person to network with. She also has a GREAT sense of humor!

Moving on I bring you... Lune Designs By Keirsten Giles. ABSOLUTELY one of my biggest inpirations. Just a picture of her work sparks my flare to design. Whenever I'm in a slump I can look at her work and feel rejuvenated.
I think I met Keirsten via Happy Mango Beads on Facebook. I think they were sharing her work on their wall and I INSTANTLY fell in love. She NEVER fails to amaze me. Oh how I wish I could twist metals and incorporate leather the way she does. Her pieces have an EXTREMELY unique look and are all made of the things I like. Rich jeweled earth tones with an ethnic/rustic/earthy feel. Her pieces and craftsmanship are SUCH one of a kind you could EASILY pick them out of a room of 1000+ pieces. Her use of color and materials is mind blowing. I thought color combos were MY strong point, but she certainly has the combos down solid!!

Another person I find to be inspirational is Patti O'Neil Martin of Unique Crafts by Patti. One of the kindest hearts I've ever met.
Patti has a bit of a traditional look to her jewelry... but don't let that fool you! She is NEVER afraid to step out of her box and try something new. And you know what? She succeeds every time. Sometimes you can look at a piece of jewelry and KNOW the artist spent time REALLY designing and then there's Patti, whose pieces you look at and see they simply came from the heart. Because her pieces are guided by her love for crafting, and not just an artist's need to design, it seems she never stops creating. She is an inspiration to me because I wish I had that kind of motivation. Sure my pieces come from my heart, but I also tend to over think things and try one to many ways at a time when I should just let it flow. I hope one day I can get my mind right so I could be HALF as productive as her!

As I've mentioned inspiration in a few categories I must also note my inspirations in metal stamping and wire working of which I still have yet to truly delve into.

For metal stamping I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to mention Anna of ARTIBILITY. What a peach this girl is!! She's always willing to offer tips tricks and how to's and if she doesn't know, she'll help you figure it out. A Marine veteran and beautiful spirit.. this girl is DA BOMB!! Her stampings are phenomenal:
Anna's stampings are done with such precision that it sometimes scares me away from attempting to stamp. I can't imagine the patience and time of experience it would take to be this good and I don't know that I'm THAT patient. However in the mean time I can look to my friend's BEAUTIFUL work and say "one day". And when that day comes I know she'll be RIGHT THERE willing to help because that's how AWESOME she is! Quality product from a quality person!!!

As for wire wrapping, I have a few people I find inspirational but no one I find that really triggers anything inside of me so that will be for another time and another blog.

In the end I hope one day to find: class like Kristy, technique like Amy, individuality like Keirsten, motivation like Patti, and quality like Anna.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Lauren! I love Kristy's work too, and thanks to your post I've just found some more artists to ooh and ahh over and be inspired by!

  2. Awwwwww Lauren! Thank you so much! You dont know how much this meant to me! You are just as big of an inspiration to me, my girl! <3 <3 <3

  3. Lauren, you are such a sweet heart! Thanks for this, it made me smile and I needed it (badly). Keirsten is great, I've just recently gotten to know her too and am in awe of her designs and she cracks me up. Now I need to check out Amy, Anna and Patti's work! :)

  4. Keirsten... you are so VERY welcome for the compliments you so RIGHTLY deserve. You are an AMAZING and inspiring artist!

    Patti .... oh how I KNEW you would be tickled with this!!! I know you always compliment my work and I just felt you need to recognize yourself for the wonderful things you have to offer as well.

    Kristi... you'll always be one of me FAVS! =) You inspired me to try to get published and so much more. I know you've had a rough week and I'm glad I could bring you a moment of happiness in your somber time. And YES Keirsten is quite a hoot. Her personality is just as colorful as her jewelry! :)

    You are all wonderful and talented ladies and I'm glad to have the opportunity of networking with you!

  5. oh my goodness - i am speechless.
    Lauren thank you for the post and umghh if you have patience to deal with me you'll will be a masterful stamp artists in no time.
    You are an inspiration and a sweetheart.